Moodboard Monday (on a Tuesday)

A special friend asked for some inspiration for her birthday lunch.  She sent us a link to this party (an amazing website and an incredible woman if you have a chance to read her story) and was hoping we could help with some ideas along a similar theme.  She is a bright, sunny person, so we’ve included lots of yellow, along with some greys and greens for an elegant touch.  We love the strips of fabric bunting, and little pot plant favors.  Thanks for the request Shelly, hope you and everyone else is inspired by today’s moodboard!

Wedded Bliss

Just over 6 months ago Gitts & Dari said “I Do”.  In celebration of their half-year-versary we dug up their wedding invitation, which we’re sure you’ll agree is so very pretty!  We carried the aloe and swallow icons through to the wedding day, and the map was kind of fun and handy in getting all the peeps there in time to join the celebration.