Olympic Party Ideas


Even though the Olympics are swiftly coming to an end, it’s not too late to gather friends and family for a Olympic-inspired celebration.  Here are a few ideas using the 5 ring colors, and of course a bit of gold to top it all off!

Images: 1. Mr Price Home, 2.simply-delicious.co.za, 3. lowescreativeideas.com 4. Zando.com 5. mochachocolatarita.blogspot.com 6. thesweetestoccasion.com



Fun Flags

It’s rainbow fever over here as Milla’s party gets closer.  We love these rainbow flags, super easy and cheap!  We’re planning to use them as cupcake toppers on white icing, so simple and fresh.  All you need are a couple of toothpicks and some colored paper, or print your own to match your celebration colors.  Then cut out and stick, ta dah!

Here comes the Bride-to-be

So, Gitts had found her other half and they were getting hitched!  With the help of an awesome bridesmaid-in-crime, we had a fun afternoon of tea and pressies, a true African send off into wedded bliss – Rickshaw style – and a chilled cruise around Durbs harbor. Then a quick change and off dinner and dancing.  There were some tired takkies by the end of the day, but what a way to celebrate such a special lady.


Oh, and here are few ideas that we found worked well:
• As you drive from place to place, pop a few balloons out the window and stick a sign “HOOT FOR THE BRIDE-TO-BE” on the windows – strangers love to get involved.
• An African princess theme is easy to work with, and (if you’re lucky enough to live in Durbs) a ride on a rickshaw is a fun and unique way to show off the bride-to-be.
• Offer your guests a few options in joining the party – tea, cocktails or dinner, or all three – that way you’ll be sure to have everyone get in on the action at some point.