A Rainy Bridal Shower

Life is full of surprises! For Rene, it was her bridal shower, for us it was the torrential rain. Deidre, the maid of honour, threw all her energy into planning a bridal shower for her bride-to-be sister and roped us in to help out with a few bits and pieces. We decided on a High Tea Garden Party and had visions of sunshine, draped tents, jars full of sweeties and vintage furniture scattered around on an autumn day. But the heavens opened and we had to rush the party indoors. Dee, despite the ridiculous rain and the last minute change of plan, you still pulled off a great afternoon! Thank you for letting us do what we love to do. Rene, you are going to be such a beautiful bride and we know that Dee couldn’t be prouder of you. 

Here a few pictures of Rene’s Rainy Shower. 

2 thoughts on “A Rainy Bridal Shower

  1. Just goes to show that even cloudy, rainyday Bridal Showers have ‘silver linings’!! Love the Sweetie Bar detail and the Pearls in the Teacup! Another touch of Glee genius! Well gone gals!

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