Rebecca’s Farm Party

We met Eileen a few months ago while planning Gitta’s wedding. She is just the most lovely person you will ever meet and her photos capture the purest of emotion and moments. Check out her beautiful work at Brightgirl. When she asked us to help her with her daughter Rebecca’s 2nd Birthday Party, we jumped at the chance.

Eileen, and her husband Nick, decided on a farm theme for Rebecca because she loves animals – and we had so much fun.  Say the word “FARM” and we were immediately transported back to the days we spent on our grandpa’s farm as kids; being chased by angry pigs, collecting eggs and taking in the smell of freshly rolled hay bales.  We used ribbons and pinwheels, milk bottles and bunting in mini floral prints to give the party a “girlie” touch and Lee worked on an awesome set of farm animals which she miraculously turned in crazy party hats.

Here are a few pictures from the super talented mom of the birthday girl. We were told that Rebecca didn’t want her mommy and daddy to clean up after her party because they were “breaking it”. We are so glad that you had a lovely day Rebecca…turning two is a big deal and we were happy so to be a part of it.

Photography by Bright Girl Photography

10 thoughts on “Rebecca’s Farm Party

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  3. I love this! I’m thinking of doing a farm-themed party for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. Where did you get the milk bottles for the flavored milk?

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    • Hi Sarah, thanks for the comment. We bought gingham fabric from our local fabric shop, cut it to size and sewed the edges. You could also cut the fabric with serrated scissors if you’re not into sewing😉

      • What a fabulous idea!!! Thank you for your help!! Your party looked amazing. Thank you for the response.

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