The question that sparked an idea…

Hi there!  Welcome to Glee projects.  Thanks for stopping by.

We are 2 sisters with small ideas that are fueling big dreams. We want to share our ideas and inspirations with you in the hopes that it inspires you. I can hear you thinking…”ok, but what is it that you want to share with the world?” Well to fully explain our idea, we need to go back 9 months……

Photos by Bright Girl Photography,

About 9 months ago, give or take a few days and hours, my boyfriend painted the long-awaited question…”Will You Marry Me?” on the wall of his apartment.   I said yes and the planning began. When you come from a family of creative people, the excitement of planning a wedding can, and did, escalate to an obsession with all things beautiful and lovely.

We loved the idea of a DIY wedding and so we spent hours scouring blogs, paging through bridal magazines and hunting through flea markets and boutique stores, gathering little bits and pieces that would help to create the wedding of a lifetime. A wedding is something that, in our opinion, only happens once so it should capture all the love and dreams that a couple have for one another and their life together. We did as much of the decorating and stationery ourselves and found incredible vendors to help with all the things that is best left to professionals.

But to cut a long story short… out of this wedding grew a passion to create special moments for other people around us. We believe in celebrating life: celebrating all the milestones that make up our frantic lives. Are we event co-ordinators? Nope. We’re 2 people with ideas and concepts for weddings, birthdays, bridal showers and all the paper and pretty things that fill those events wiht moments of glee.

This is our blog about things that we love, things that inspire us, things that we have created that we hope will inspire you. This is the start of a journey for us. We’re not sure where it will take us. We hope to a place that makes people happy and a place where we can create the items that make your happenings beautiful. We’re starting slowly and enjoying the ride.

Thanks for taking the time to visit us and keep coming back to see what is inspiring us and what we’re creating.

Happy blogging

Liesel and Gitta

2 thoughts on “The question that sparked an idea…

  1. Awesome gals!! So exciting to see your Dream starting to unfold!! Reach for the Glee with all the head and heartshine that I know is bubbling inside of you both! Have fun and fulfillment in this journey together! May you always be blessed in it, and a blessing to those fortunate enough to get caught up in joy of Gleeness !!

  2. Hey you two. Love your Blog, and what you are doing. Such a creative and beautiful pairing. Giving me inspiration to carry on with my blog:)

    Lots of love,


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